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Flamingo Swirls Mural


Madison, WI 

701 E. Johnson Street ( at the corner of N. Blount St.)

Self Serve Laundromat

We were delighted to work with the artists Triangulador, Emily Balsley, Ray Mawst, and Brian Kehoe on this community project funding the materials for this wall. This mural installation was a site specific design concept that was installed over the course of three days on the exterior wall of the local neighborhood laundromat. Together the artists had the opportunity to join forces to celebrating the gift of community. Paying homage to the beloved Madison “fill the hill” tradition, this artistic expression is filled with pops of vibrant colors, resonating pink and bright blue hues in an uplifting accolade to our “city bird” of Madison, the flamingo. Triangulador’s signature style provides the abstract blue swirls of connectivity along this sizeable 60ft wall. Located between Lake Mendota and Lake Monona, nearby to the heart of the downtown Capitol district, this exciting mural further showcases E. Johnson as the next up and coming Madison mural arts destination.

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© Photo Courtesy of Madison Public Art Project | Installation View 2020

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